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Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars

Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars



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The Ultimate Theater & Sports Binocular
Made by Japan’s Craftsmen



Feel a good stretch!
The Ultimate Prop, derived from SUMO


Management Team

Naoaki SAKATA, MBA (CEO & Inventor)

GM of Rikkyo St.Paul's University Sumo Team, 2-dan in Sumo

  • 2003 MBA, HEC Paris (France)
  • 1995 BA in Sociology, Rikkyo St.Paul's Univirsity (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 1989 Exchange student at Episcopal High School (Alexandria, VA, USA)
  • 2013 Developed & Launched KabukiGlasses
  • 2006 Founded SANTEPLUS & Developed Flexcushion
  • 2003-2006 Worked at Michelin Japan as General Manager
  • 1995-2000 Worked at Panasonic in Japan and in Russia
  • 1971 Born in Tokyo, Japan

Hideo NUMAZAWA, MS (Executive Advisor)

Professor at Rikkyo St.Paul's University, specializing in Sports & Wellness
Head Coach of Rikkyo St.Paul's University Track & Field Team

  • 1988 MS in Coaching, Juntendo University
  • 1986 BA in Sports Science, Juntendo University
  • 2008 Professor at Rikkyo St.Paul's University
  • 1994 Assistant Professor at Rikkyo St.Paul's University
  • 1992 Started his career at Rikkyo University
  • 1987 4th place in 400m Hurdle at All-Japan Track & Field
  • 1963 Born in Yamagata, Japan

Corporate Profile

Company SANTEPLUS, Inc.
Founded May 15th, 2006
Our Business Developing & manufacturing optical products
Developing & manufacturing sports products
Distribution of above products
Contact 4-1-10 Gokodori, YAYA Building 6th floor
Chuo-ku, Kobe, HYOGO 651-0087 JAPAN
TEL. +81-78-855-7778
Email: info@kabukiglasses.com
President Naoaki SAKATA, MBA
Website www.kabukiglasses.com/en/
Related Company SANTEPLUS, LLC (California, USA)
for sales and distribution in the US
Membership Associate Member of IHRSA in '08
Member of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce since 2006
Support Member of NSCA Japan since 2008
EXPO & Tradeshow IHRSA Trade Show 2008 (Los Angeles, CA)
NSCA SSTC 2009 (Nashville, TN)
Inner IDEA Conference 2009 (Palm Springs, CA)
PBATS Conference 2010 (San Francisco, CA)
NATA Conference 2010 (Philadelphia, PA)
IDEA World Fitness Convention 2010 (Los Angeles, CA)
IDEA World Fitness Convention 2011 (Los Angeles, CA)
SPORTEC Expo 2011(Tokyo, Japan)
Pilates Empowerment Summit 2014
Our Clients

~ KabukiGlasses®

  • New York Metropolitan Opera (USA)
  • San Francisco Opera (USA)
  • Mitsukoshi Italia (Italia)
  • Isetan-Mitsukoshi Group Department Store(Japan)
  • Japan Airline (Japan)
  • Catalog House (Japan)
  • New National Theatre Tokyo
  • Meijiza Theatre (Tokyo)
  • ShinbashiEnbujo Theatre (Tokyo)
  • Ballet Shop Fairy (Tokyo)
  • Hankyu Department Store (Osaka)
  • Seibu-Sogo Department Stores (Tokyo/Yokohama/Kobe)
  • Department Store TOKIWA (Kanazawa)
  • Depattment Store Ryubo (Okinawa)

~ Flexcushion®

  • PerformBetter (USA)
  • Medco Sports Medicine (USA)
  • Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitations (USA)
  • MBSC Mike Boyle Strength & Conditining (USA)
  • Japan Football Association
  • Japan Table Tennis Association
  • Tokyo Dome
  • Tokyo Yomiuri Giants
  • Chunichi Dragons
  • Yakult Swallows
  • Yokohama F.Marinos
  • Jubilo Iwata
  • Kawasaki Frontale
  • Kyoto Purple Sanga
  • Fukushima University Track & Field Team
  • Asahikasei Track & Field Team
  • Fujitsu Track & Field Team
  • Tokai University Judo Team
  • Kokushikan University Judo Team
  • Grand Sumo Takasago Bout
  • Grand Sumo Tamanoi Bout
  • National Defense Academy of Japan
  • etc.

Our Brief History

2006/05 Founded SANTEPLUS, Inc.
2007/07 TIPNESS, one of the largest nationwide fitness clubs in Japan, introduced Flexcushion for the group lesson "Active Stretch" at all their 54 branches
2007/12 Prestigious department store, "ISETAN MEN'S" in Tokyo, started to sell Flexcushion.
2010/03 Founded SANTEPLUS, LLC in San Francisco, USA.
Started distribution of Flexcushion to PerformBetter (RI) and Medco Sports Medicine (NY)
2011/01 Flexcushion selected as "Product of the Year" in Japan's Health & Fitness Industry 2010
2011/03 Contributed $5000 to the Fund for Eastern Japan Tsunami & Earthquake.
2013/02 Several star players of Fukuoka Hawks appeared in newspapers with KabukiGlasses.
2013/03 Launched KabukiGlasses at Mitsukoshi the Main Store in Tokyo, the most prestigious department store in Japan.
2013/04 TV Tokyo's popular program "World Business Satellite" reported the debut of KabukiGlasses.
2013/05 NHK, semi-national TV channel, reported the innovative function of KabukiGlasses.
2013/10 ISETAN MEN'S, the most fashionable department store in Japan, started to sell KabukiGlasses.
2013/10 Meijiza Theatre, one of the oldest and prestigious theatres, introduced KabukiGlasses for its Rental Service.
2013/11 Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre, famous for Kabuki & other performances, introduced KabukiGlasses.
2013/12 KabukiGlasses Luxury Version, decorated with 24K gold leaf, Makie, and Urushi, launched at Mitsukoshi Department Store.
2014/01 Tokyo Yomiuri Giants coach Mr. Okazaki appeared in Sports Newspaper with KabukiGlasses. He was observing the rookies at the Giants' field.
2014/01 NHK Educational Channel, reported on the depth of KabukiGlasses, and their specialized use in theatres. Tokyo Giants players started to use Flexcushion
2014/05 Japan Airlines World Shopping Catalog issued by JALUX sells KabukiGlasses.
2014/08 Exhibited at IOCongress 2014 in Tokyo
2014/10 Exported to Italy. Available at Mitsukoshi Rome.
2015/01 Japan Airline Shopping magazine carries KabukiGlasses.
2015/04 Met Opera Shop (New York) started selling KabukiGlasses.
2015/05 B&H Photo Video (New York) started selling KabukiGlasses.
2015/10 New National Theatre Tokyo started KabukiGlasses Rental.
2016/03 Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs use KabukiGlasses as diplomatic gifts.
2016/04 Takarazuka Revues Store stared selling KabukiGlasses.
2016/11 Semperoper in Dresden, Germany, started KabukiGlasses Rental.
2016/12 Imperial Theatre in Tokyo started KabukiGlasses Rental.
2016/12 TOYOTA’s factories in Japan, introduced KabukiGlasses.
2016/12 DAS OPERNGLAS, a famous German opera magazine, featured KabukiGlasses and the inventor.
2017/01 Japan Airlines catalogue carries KabukiGlasses again.
2017/01 KabukiGlasses exported to France. L’Opera de Paris at Garniers and Commedie Francaise.
2017/01 Yatsugatake Highland Lodge, luxury mansion area, started selling KabukiGlasses.
2017/03 Saitama Seibu Lions, a professional baseball team, introduced KabukiGlasses to their all scouting staffs.
2017/12 Patent #6259765 confirmed.
2018/08 Exhibited at the Bird Expo and IOCongress 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. Margaret Atwood, a famous author, visited KabukiGlasses booth.
2019/01 Sumo’s Grand Stadium in Tokyo started KabukiGlasses Rental.
2019/01 Demonstrated at MLB Scout Convention.
2019/02 Tokyo Electric, Kansai Electric, introduced KabukiGlasses for inspection of their facilities.
2019/09 Met Opera logo, special edition available at Met Opera Shop in New York.
2019/09 Kabuki-za Theatre started selling KabukiGlasses.
2021/07 Rakuten Golden Eagles, a professional baseball team, introduced KabukiGlasses for their scouts.
2021/09 Yodobashi Camera Shop in Akibabara started selling KabukiGlasses.