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Patent #6259795

Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars

Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars



The Ultimate & Ideal Spec made with Japanese Craftsmen

Auto Focus Instantly

We created “Auto-Focus” by mechanism, not by any electric device. Auto-Focus totally changes the concept of binoculars.
You don’t need to adjust focus at all.
※Focus Distance 10m ~ ∞

Ultra Bright Lenses

All lenses and prisms are made of glasses, made by Japanese craftsmen. Enjoy the uncomparable brightness and clearness of the lenses. There are five lenses and two prisms in each cylinder as shown on the left chart.

Hands-Free & No Shake

There is a huge benefit of “Stable View”. You can see the objects more clearly. This is what theatre-lovers have longed for. You can also enjoy hands-free!

Ideal Spec 4x 13mm

Ideal specs were figured out by the inventor, Nao Sakata, who viewed more than 300 opera, ballet, musical and classical concerts. 4x Magnification is the best and it offers wide-angle views.

No Eyelash Touch

Many people, especially women, have trouble with eyelashes touching the lens when using binoculars. With KabukiGlassses’ unique structure, your eyelashes will not disturb the view.

Light & Portable

Super light and easy to carry wherever you go!
Downsizing was one of the successes of KabukiGlasses inventor.

For those who wear eyeglasses

*Please try KabukiGlasses at stores before purchasing.

  • * Take off your eyeglasses, and then wear KabukiGlasses.
  • * Eyesight requirement for KabukiGlasses : above 20/100.
  • * Those who have bad eyesight or extreme farsightedness may not be able to see clearly.

“KabukiGlasses® vs Typical Binoculars” with Opera “La Traviata“

YouTube Video


Type & Prisms Roof / BK-7
Magnification 4x
Objective Diamiter 13mm
Eye Relief 12.0mm
FOV 50° / 225m
Focus Distance 10m ~ ∞
Waterproof NA
Weight 92g / 3.3ounces
Country of Origin JAPAN


$299.95 USD + tax in USA



Carring case / Strap / Cleaning cloth / User's Guide