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Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars

Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars



Invented by a theatre-lover with Japanese craftsmanship

Meet the Inventor

a theatre lover


When I was a child, my mother often took me to classical music concerts and musical in Japan. I am thankful to my mother for those opportunities. When I started working, I had a chance to work and travel around the world. I was soon fascinated by theaters. Truly a rich culture!

“The closer to the stage, the more I was moved.”
“I wanna get a better seat all the time!”

I tried many kinds of binoculars at theaters, but I never met ideal binoculars. Therefore, I thought I would create my ideal binoculars. Hands-free, autofocus, with bright & high resolution view. I once tried to develop them in 1997, but in vain.

The Eastern Japan's Big Earthquake & Tsunami in 2011 changed my mind. “Nobody knows what's gonna happen in life. It is time to start to develop my ideal binoculars!” It took two years to create KabukiGlasses with support from various craftsmen in Japan.

Launched in spring 2013, KabukiGlasses attracted a lot of media and theatre fans. Using KabukiGlasses makes you feel like your seat is UPGRADED. I really hope KabukiGlasses will inspire more people go to theatres more often, and will enrich the theaters and sports organizations!

  • 2023KabukiGlasses® became the official gift at G7 Hiroshima Summit
  • 2017Head Coach, Rikkyo Univ. SUMO Team (-2021)
  • 2013KabukiGlasses® launched
  • 2007Flexcushion® launched
  • 2006Founded SANTEPLUS, Inc.
  • 2003Michelin Japan
  • 2003MBA at HEC Paris
  • 1995Panasonic Corporation
  • 1995BA in Sociology, Rikkyo University
  • 1993Exchange student at Maastricht Universtiy
  • 1989Exchange student at Episcopal High School, VA
  • 1971Born in Tokyo

【Favorite Spectacles】

Le Corsaire / Don Quixote / La Traviata / Carmen / The Barber of Seville / Les Miserables / Grand Sumo / Baseball