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Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars

Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars



Q.1Cautions & Warnings

<Warning!> Never look at the sun or into direct light when using this product.
<Warning!> Never use this product while walking, moving, or operating a motor vehicle.

Q.2I wear eyeglasses. Can I use KabukiGlasses?

Yes! Please take off your eyeglasses first, and wear KabukiGlasses instead!

Q.3 I have poor eyesight 20/100. Can I use KabukiGlasses?

Those who have relatively good eyesight (above 20/50), can see the objects clearly with auto-focus.
Those who have medium eyesight (20/100), probably can see the objects clearly with auto-focus.
Those who have poor eyesight (below 20/100), may not be able to see the object clearly. It depends on the person.
Those who have farsightedness due to aging or astigmatism, if it is not extreme, should be able to see the objects clearly with auto-focus.
Those who have poor eyesight may not be able to see the objects clearly through KabukiGlasses.
Technical explanation : Usually, a person above 20/100 can use normal KabukiGlasses.
            We do NOT have diopters in the KabukiGlasses.
            We DO have a diopter-adjusted special version for those who have
            poor eyesight at some of our stores.
We highly recommend those who are not sure about it to try KabukiGlasses at one of our stores(→Stores Location)!

Q.4What is the focus distance? Why can I see the objects without adjusting focus?

Focus distance is above 10 meters (= above 30 feet).
(Note) You CANNOT see objects within 10 meters clearly in focus.
We created our "auto-focus function" mechancally, not by any electronic solution. We worked with Japan's top engineers & craftsmen to design the structure of the scope, the shape of lens, the places to set the lenses & prism, and to create those incredible auto-focus binoculars.

Q.5Why can I see objects so clearly and so brightly?

This is the amazing quality of KabukiGlasses. KabukiGlasses are downsized high-spec & high-grade binoculars. We use five coated lenses made of optical glass, and two prisms. We do not use any plastic lenses. We are really focused on our optical quality, and we are proud of our craftsmanship. All of the materials are made in Japan. We highly recommend you compare KabukiGlasses with any other binoculars.

Q.6How long can I wear KabukiGlasses?

KabukiGlasses are lightweight (92g = 3.25oz). With their unique structure, some people can wear them for an hour or even more. But it depends on how you feel. If you feel comfortable, you can keep wearing KabukiGlasses. But if you feel uneasy, tired, or stressed, stop using KabukiGlasses immediately. Our advice is wear KabukiGlasses as long as you feel comfortable, and sometimes take off your KabukiGlasses to give your eyes a rest.

Q.7Why can I see the objects instantly and naturally?

Each person has the ability to naturally adjust our eye's focus. Kabukiglasses auto-focus function does not depend on an electronic solution, but on our eyes' natural ability. Thus, it is your eyes that are adjusting focus. The mechanism of KabukiGlasses is made by Japanese superior craftsmen. We are focused on quality.