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Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars

Innovative Theatre & Sports Binoculars



Upgrade your Seat & Experiences with KabukiGlasses®

KabukiGlasses® for Theatres & Concerts

Opera / Ballet / Musical / Circus / Concerts

Perfectly geared for theatregowers, with incredible resolution!

Always in focus, and "no shake". KabukiGlasses really upgraded my seat!

Enjoy hands-free and autofocus.
It is really amazing!

for Theatre & Concerts for Theatre & Concerts

KabukiGlasses® are available at prestigious theatres around the world.

KabukiGlasses® for Sports

Baseball / Football / Figure Skating / Tennis / Grand Sumo / Judo / Horse Racing

You can drink beer while using KabukiGlasses!

Used by professional baseball scouts.
You can see the stitch & rotation of the ball from the backstop!

You can find the players with ease!
Autofocus function is really amazing.

for Sports for Sports

KabukiGlasses® for Starlit Sky & Moon

Moon / Starlit Sky / Sightseeing

Very easy to use even for kids!

Always in focus!

Stable view!

for Starlit Sky & Moon for Starlit Sky & Moon

KabukiGlasses® for Birds & Nature

Easy to chase animals with KabukiGlasses autofocus function!
Bird Watching / Nature / Wild Animals / Sightseeing

Stable view!

Anywhere, always in focus.

You can wear KabukiGlasses for a long time. You never miss the crucial moment!

for Birds & Nature for Birds & Nature
for Birds & Nature

for Sightseeing & Museum

for Sightseeing & Museum for Sightseeing & Museum

for Inspections

Even chosen by the professional inspectors in Japan!

Case Study 1: Major Electric Power Companies
Case Study 2: Manufacturers & Plants
Case Study 3: Various Inspections

More Details »

For checking distant instruments. Even while holding a flashlight during power outages

For distant verification on-site. Checking construction site progress and building cracks.

For inspecting utility poles and transmission lines. Operation is possible while watching a drone.


Strap Attachment Guidelines

Step 1. Take out the strap from the case.

Take out the strap from the case.

Step 2.

Step 2.

TIPS to Use the Strap

TIPS to Use the Strap

Before Using KabukiGlasses®

1. Adjusting the Width

Adjusting the Width

Rotate the black dial and adjust the width between right & left lenses.

2. Nose Pad

Nose Pad

Shift the nose pad forward & backward, wider & narrower to adjust the height and position. Our original nose pad is soft and flexible.

3. Ready to Watch

Ready to Watch

Just wear KabukiGlasses. If you feel the weight of KabukiGlasses is too much, we recommend you hold the temples by hands.

TIPS for Kabukiglasses®

Normal Usage

Tips!Raise your chin up!

You can see the entire view instantly!

Tips!Lie down and look up!

e.g.) Stars & Moongazing / Fireworks

Tips!Look at the upper side of the lenses.

Then, you can focus the objects between 4m~7m (15ft to 25 ft)
e.g.) Museums / Crucian carp fishing

Tips!Lower your line of sight!

Take memos and work on your laptop while using KabukiGlasses.

Tips!Use as a Microscope!!

KabukiGlasses can be used as a microscope as well.
If you look from the other side (= from objective lens) of the KabukiGlassess bearing the mark KabukiGlasses, it naturally becomes "microscope".

Use as a Microscope!!
KabukiGlasses Style