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The Story of KabukiGlassesNaoaki Sakata CEO of SANTEPLUS Theater Tickets and memo while in Russia

2003 MBA, HEC Paris (France)
1995 BA in Sociology, Rikkyo St.Paul's University (Tokyo, Japan)
1989 Exchange student at Episcopal High School (Alexandria, VA, USA)

2006 Founded SANTEPLUS.
2003-2006 Worked at Michelin Japan as General Manager
1995-2000 Worked at Panasonic in Japan and in Russia
1971 Born in Tokyo, Japan

【Favorite Repertoires & Performance】
Le Corsaire / The Fountain of Bakhchisarai / Don Quixote / La Bayadere / Swan Lake / The Nutcracker / Carmen / The Barber of Seville / Ruslan and Lydmila / Les Miserables / Grand Sumo Tournament / Pro Baseball

On the frozen lake in Russia(199

As a child, my mother took me to classic music concerts and musical once or twice a year. I am thankful to my mother for those opportunities. When I started working at Panasonic, I had a chance to work in Russia for two years (1996-1997). Winter weather in Russia can be severe, making the theatres and cultural activities such as opera, ballet, drama, classic concerts, circus, very popular. At the beginning, I sometimes fell asleep during the performance, same as in my childhood.

Mariinsky Theater in St.Peterburg, Russia Gorgeos opera & ballet theater

When I lived in St.Petersburg, the former capital of Imperial Russia, I often went to the Mariinsky Theatre, one of the best theatres in the world. (I think it is the best!) I often purchased "Partaire" seat, which was inexpensive at that time, and I found the closer that you watch, the more emotion, inspiration, and concentration you receive. Mariinsky performances were so attractive, and I became a "TEATRAL (= theatre lover)" and attended the Mariinsky more than 50 times a year. I also loved "Morozhnoe (=ice cream)" during the break. It was such an incredible experience!

About Opera BinocularsOpera theater in Odessa, Ukraine(1996)

It was difficult to obtain good seats for popular performances at the Mariinsky Theatre, so I often watched the spectacles from the "Belle-Etage", "1st Gallery Circle", "2nd Gallery Circle", and even from "3rd Gallery Circle". These were far from the stage and Opera Glasses & Binoculars were a requirement. I tried many kinds of binoculars, but I never met my "ideal" binoculars in my life. By 1997, I knew exactly the specifications of ideal binocular needed in theatres. This lead me to create KabukiGlasses.

Product Development of KabukiGlasses Mariinsky Theater in St.Peterburg(1997)

Eastern Japanese Big Earthquake on March 11th 2011 was a big turning point for me. Nobody can control natural disasters and nobody knows when it may happen next. Life is not unlimited. It made me feel that it was time to start developing "the ideal and ultimate Theatre Glasses", which I had been wanting to do for a long time. I knew exactly the ideal specs since 1997, and my objective was to meet these specs. Without compromising quality or design. Living and working in Japan made it possible to meet the masters of engineering in many fields. Finally, the ultimate theatre glasses were complete. I named this product "KabukiGlasses", because they were born and purely "Made in Japan". As for design, the image "KUMADORI"(Kabuki makeup) is reflected in the front frame. The image of "KABUTO"(the Samurai helmet) is reflected in the "bridge" between the two lens barrels. Visiting the temples of Kyoto really inspired me when thinking of the colors of the KabukiGlasses.

Wishing more prosperity of "Theaters" & "Sports"

With KabukiGlasses in theatres and at sports stadiums, you feel like your seat is upgraded, even if you get a cheap seat. With auto-focus function, and very clear & bright lens, you can see the actors & actresses clearly. I really wish, with the birth of KabukiGlasses, more people go to theatres more often, and finally, cultures of "Theatres", "Sports Spectacles" get richer.


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