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How to Use

Upgrade Your Seat and Enrich Your Life!

KabukiGlasses® for Theatre & Concerts

Opera / Ballet / Musical / Circus / Concerts

Perfectly geared for theatregowers, with incredible resolution!

Always in focus, and "no shake". KabukiGlasses really upgraded my seat!

Enjoy hands-free and autofocus. It is really amazing!

KabukiGlasses for Theatre & Concerts

KabukiGlasses® are available at the following theatres.

KabukiGlasses for Theatre & Concerts

KabukiGlasses® for Sports

Baseball / Football / Figure Skating / Tennis / Grand Sumo / Judo / Horse Racing

You can drink beer while using KabukiGlasses!

Used by professional baseball scouts.
You can see the stitch & rotation of the ball from the backstop!

You can find the players with ease!
Autofocus function is really amazing.

KabukiGlasses for Sports

KabukiGlasses® for Starlit Sky & Moon

Moon / Starlit Sky / Sightseeing

Very easy to use even for kids!

Always in focus!

Stable view!

KabukiGlasses for Starlit Sky & Moon

KabukiGlasses® for Birds & Nature

Easy to chase animals with KabukiGlasses autofocus function!
Bird Watching / Nature / Wild Animals / Sightseeing

Stable view!

Anywhere, always in focus.

You can wear KabukiGlasses for a long time. You never miss the crucial moment!

KabukiGlasses for Birds & Nature

Tips to use KabukiGlasses®

Normal Usage

Tips!Put your chin up!

You can see the entire view instantly!

Put your chin up!

Tips!Lying down in the field

See the starlit sky and the moon!

Lying down in the field

Tips!See the upper side of the lenses

You can focus on close distance between 3 and 7 meters.
for the use at museums and for fishing.

See the upper side of the lenses

Tips!Lower the line of sight!

You can take a memo and work on your laptop

Lower the line of sight!
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